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DSH - Description

The DSH is a test to examine your German langugae skills which must be completed by students who have not acquired their university entrance qualification at a German institute in order to get admitted in a German university. Its purpose is to examine the German language skills and ensure that the applicant owns the skills required for the desired professional degree program (linguistic proficiency to study).

It is also required for German citizens who have not obtained their
university entrance qualification at a German institute.

The demands on the linguistic
proficiency to study can vary according to the study purpose. These different levels of linguistic proficiency are reflected on the certificate in accordance with the performance in the test of the applicant.

Who can participate?

Only applicants who completed at least one semester of the preparatory course at Lektorat German as a foreign language in Kiel,are allowed to participate in the DSH exam in Kiel. This applies to applicants with or without acceptance in the desired study program.

NO external applicants will be allowed to participate in the DSH exams in Kiel.

Structure of the Exam

The DSH consists a written test with partial exams (listening, reading and scientific linguistic structures, text production) for all levels and an oral examination only for DSH-2. The certificate shows an overall result in one of the 3 levels DSH-3, DSH-2 and DSH-1 (entry level), indicating the level reached in each part of the exam.

A DSH-2 certificate is considered as a proof of the linguistic proficiency to study for unrestricted admission or enrollment to all courses and degrees.

certificate indicates a highlly advanced German language skill. The DSH-3 level is higher than the level required for admission or enrollment.

Further Information

This information is based on the framework regulations on German language examinations for studying at German universities (RO-DT). For more information, see here.

DSH - Bibliography

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