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General Information about intensive courses

Target group

The intensive courses are particularly aimed at applicants who have received their university entrance qualification at a non-German institution and wish to take the DSH exam in order to be admitted in a German university.

Please note that the University of Kiel does not offer full-time German courses for beginners and elementary level learners. Those who can not demonstrate the necessary knowledge for attending the Intermediate I level in the placement test, have the option of taking German classes at the Volkshochschule Kiel, Muhliusstrasse 29/31.

Course Programme (Stages / Duration / Progression)

There are 3 levels : Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced level. The admission to the lektorat and placement to the respective level will be decided by the results of the placement test at the beginning of the semester. Each level takes duration of one semester to complete. After completing Intermediate Level II applicants have opportunity to take the matriculation German examination (DSH: German language test for university admission).


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