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As in past semesters the Lektorat German as a Foreign Language offers complimentary German classes for the following target groups to support you in your study or research programme as well as in everyday situations during your stay here at Kiel University or in Germany.

  • Students of Master Programmes held in English/German
  • Students who are enrolled for a study programme without degree at Kiel University (e.g. scholarship holders (ERASMUS, DAAD, Stadt Kiel) or the so-called “free-movers” who study here for only one or two semesters)
  • Visiting scientists and Post doc and PhD students
  • Academic staff and employees at Kiel University or associated institutes

Courses are offered at different levels and students are placed in classes corresponding to their language needs based on the results of an online placement test. There are classes at beginner level (GER A1/A2 level), at intermediate level (GER B1/B2 level) and at advanced level (GER C1/C2 level).

Over a 12-week period learners have a total of 72 teaching units. Classes typically take place on two evening per week with 6 teaching units per week. Holidays are being added at the end.

For all courses there is only a limited number of places available.

Certificates/ ECTS credit points :

6 ECTS credit points are awarded to all who do not exceed 3 times of absence and who comply with the obligatory home work assignments and tests. All enrolled students at Kiel University need to register ECTS credit points as exam via the POS system. Information here



Study support Course enrollment

NB. For students who arrive well before enrolment for the winter semester there is the opportunity to take part in a German Prep course every September. For information about the registration, application dealine and course fee visit the website of the  International Center .

1. Online registration, enrollment: We welcome you to our German classes. Participants new to the Lektorat need to first register as a user before enrolling in our courses or doing the placement test. All particpants who have already learnt German with us in previous semesters can re-log in using their user data. If you have forgotten your password click on the 'password forgotten' button and the system will send you a new password. Every semester ALL participants need to answer the questions in the online application forms and submit their form to be officially registered for our evening class programme.

Here are the registration periods:

  • for the summer semester 15 February to 15 March
  • for the winter semester 15 August to 15 September
  • Direct link to the registration portal 


2. Placement test: After receiving an automatically generated confirmation email with the note about successful registration all participants have to complete the placement test (45 mins, without help) within the registration period unless they have no prior knowledge of the German langauge.Taking help in exam may lead to expulsion from the course.The participants without prior knowledge of the German language are placed automatically in level 1. Important : If you haven't received the automatically generated confirmation email then you are not registered .Please notify us if you  have not received this email.

3. Result of Placement test / Course selection: After the registration/enrollment deadline participants receive further information about the courses, materials and timetable. The placement test result is individually published on the registration site and to finalise the enrollment participants have to select available classes. Participants who are placed at Advanced Level, need to visit the Lektorat personally to enroll for classes (Class selection period here). You can find an Overview of Advanced Level Module(in German Version Only) in Downloads and timetable can be found in UniVis.

Important: Only students who register within the registration period are entitled to take part in our evening classes programme.

4. Confirmation of Course/Invitation to Welcome Meeting: Following the class selection the Lektorat assigns participants a  place in class and sends a confirmation together with the invitation to the obligatory Welcome Meeting. This meeting usully takes place the Friday before classes start. Important : The Lektorat cannot guarantee participation.

We look forward to welcome you in our German language programme and hope you have a successful stay at Kiel University.


Study support Course information

Course information current/upcoming semester :

All registered, enrolled and confirmed participants have to take part in the Welcome Meeting as well as in the first week of classes (Except participants of Advanced Courses: link to Class selection deadline here) . Failure to do so without notification of the Lektorat will lose their course place and cannot take part in that semester's programme. These places are then given to people on the waiting list.For the obligatory Welcome Meeting timing and venue, see here

Important note about Absence :

The maximum number of teaching sessions missed per semester is 3. Each absence should be communicated to the teacher (if possible beforehand) and needs to be recorded in the Absence form. More than 3 missed teaching sessions leads not to being qualified to receive a Certificate of Attendance / ECTS credit points. To terminate your course, eg. due to the amount of workload or frequent field trips, please inform the Lektorat about your decision. You will be able to rejoin the programme in the next semester.

Teaching timings are here

Timetable in Downloads

Timetables of all the levels and venue can be found in  UnivIS system . (Important : You need to select the correct semester (top right corner). All data subject to change.)

Teaching materials :

Here is an  required for the different levels. All books can be purchased in the book shop Hugendubel which is right opposite the Lektorat in Leibnizstraße 4. All other well sorted bookshops in German will also be able to order the books. You could also try online shops such as Amazon.



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